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Beelzaboss posted Sat at 17:40

Hi guys and garls,

Some of you may have started playing on the so called "Extreme Cultivation" server that had the concept of Farm ville, Star dew Valley etc... etc... After a lot of testing and experimentation I realized that this is simply not gonna work in the long run. It is fun in the beginning, but will quickly become boring and conflicting.

I then made the decision to instead make a Kitchen Sink pack as always. With some rather... different recipes that is orientated towards farming. Some key mods are: Mekanism, Tech Reborn, Better With Mods, Refined Storage and Mystical Agriculture

On a other note, lets talk specs... To build something nice and lasting on 1.10+ you will unfortunately have to sacrifice some more resources. According to the poll, only 19% of players had 4GB RAM while 81% had at least 6GB RAM and more. So I bumped up my limit from 4GB to 6GB. To run and play the new pack smoothly you will need to have 6GB RAM minimum and at least a Duo Core 3.00Ghz or better. If you fall in that 4GB specturm, well then I am sorry for you, but it is 2017. Time for a upgrade?

The pack may, may not be ready this weekend (Sunday)... It depends.

I'll keep you guys updated
- Beelz

Fishmeistercod RIP me then. I need to fix my PC. :v
Shkank lol then im out for this season again haha im FPV drone racing and dont have the cash to upgrade my pc just to play mine...
BeelzabossHi guys, I would just like to clarify, The modpack is still heavily farming oriented. The entire modpack currently revolves around Magical Agriculture. About the requirements, - I currently managed to get the modpack to load up using 3GB of RAM. I am not sure how you experience will be, and can't test (low spec) as my other PC has been stripped.
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LegitLiar9901rip awesome sounding modpack
LegitLiar9901good bye beautiful builds we were going to do hey mist
Mistfire   registered to Mega Networks
Mistfirewell i guess that gives me more time to plan the builds we ganna do legit
LegitLiar9901guess ill have to wait till next weekend to play the new mudpack :(
LegitLiar9901any news about the mudpack... when this weekend will the mudpack be released
AutesticThis should come now :d
FishmeistercodI'm so excited, and I just can't hide it \o/
LegitLiar9901cant wait for new mudpack and welcome back beelz
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