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Beelzaboss posted Apr 17, 17

Hi all,

I would like to personally apologize for lacking to maintain this server. I had some real life stuff I needed to take care of and lost a little bit of interest in Minecraft. The server is currently turned off as it is unplayable. I will be making a new modpack in the week to come - There is currently no ETA on when it will be online.


Fishmeistercod A fair decision, though one I'm sure that wasn't made lightly. If you need help, just holler. Bonne Chance!
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Portal Gun is back. Here's what's new, and what's to come.
Hey all! So I don't know if you caught it but I released Portal Gun for Minecraft 1.10.2 yesterday, but I didn't get round to writing about what's new. This is going to be a bit of...
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Shkankthink its time for a new pack ive finished this pack 2 times now and server is getting unstable with everything in it it times everyone out ever few minutes maybe regrowth pack or project ozone 1 or any other pack pls
otrolie   A lot of people love this pack and are still busy playing through it, myself included. I think that if they were to switch modpacks they would need to take a vote first
Shkank   atleast just get the server fixed because this timing out every 2 minutes is crazy
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Gingerninja9090NOTE TO EVERYONE LISTEN: Don't put any ME drives in the Mekanism cardboard box as it will crash your game and the server will disconnect you idk if it kicks others soz my fault if it does
Fishmeistercod   As a general rule, never put ME drives in anything unusual. So many times have I lost everything I have, putting my drives in a bag of holding to transport them...
Gingerninja9090   I think its only me that crashs so hopfully one of my mates at our base can just undo the box should of learnt from last time XD
Gingerninja9090   Its in my inventory not placed so it only cause me to disconnected if there is anyway to not destroy it or remove it as it has all our stuff in it it would be great i would not like to roll back server sorry for trouble ;( soz
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