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We are live!!!

RobertZA posted Jun 11, 17

Hi everyone,

Our Mega FTB Beyond 1.10.2 server is now live!

We are still working on a couple of things, so the pack is currently in beta.

You can join by downloading our latest launcher.

We hope to see you all online!

Happy mining,

Mega Networks Team

ElFapoEnox placed this wierd passable block and it crashes my game when i try to interact with it. (By trying to pass through it or by trying to break it).
ElFapo   Nvm, i blew it up :d
Heartburst_Hi all :)

Please can everyone refrain from using the Biome Marker: Hell in their quantum quarries?

It is causing the server to crash.
ElFapo   Quantum quarry doesn't even work enymore, when you set it up and launch, it just doesn't do enything. Also it eats the book and filter and doesn't let you open the tab.
ElFapoThis pvp grave bug happened again, where it doesn't spawn a grave after someone kills you. I would like to get the items back if possible :)
ElFapoServer is down.
AutesticPop goes the weasel
robabrams   registered to Mega Networks
vgaggiaCan't you just implement a 2 hour auto restart or something
Autestic   lol im glad im not only one waiting!
vgaggia   How long does it take normally at this time?
Autestic   Judging by multiple factors, perhaps in daylight!
ElFapoAlso the golden lasso recipie doesn't work.
RaivisM   It stll works just not the recpie in the NEI. The old recpie 4 gold nuggets 4 string still works
Danner07   Craft it in a vanilla crafting table. Make sure you have 8 xp lvl's ;)
ElFapo   Thanks a lot! I hope it will help out other people too :)
Galeania   registered to Mega Networks
ElFapoServer is down, btw if the quantum quarries can't be used so you may just remove from the game temporarly, since there is other way of getting resourses. That shouldn't hurt enyone.
ElFapo   Since probably there is people that probably doesn't check the forums, and doesn't know about it. :)
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